Dear railway friend,

Mountains, tunnels, bridges and wild rivers. Snow, rain and sun. Combine this with an unmatched variety of railway companies on different rail systems. That is Switzerland. The club; Vereniging Spoorgroep Zwitserland (VSZ) is a club that pursues this wonderful variety in railway companies, both live and in model. Our club has approximately 175 members country-wide. These members are all interested in the trains that run through this fantastic mountain world. Several just interested in the bulletin that we bring out 4 times a year and which is full of interesting facts about the Swiss railways and many aspects of modeling them. Others play a more active role in the club and help to build a modular layout in one of our regions, of course mimicking Switzerland. The regions are a geographic split-up of our country. Some regions have a place where the model track is set up permanently and where members come together on a regular basis. Regions also organize home meetings to discuss other aspects or watch videos and pictures. Modeling in our club is done in H0 (OO), H0m and N scale. On these layouts we have models of various companies like SBB, BLS, RhB, MOB and MGB. A few members also use IIm (LGB). The VSZ also joins exhibitions and organizes internal meetings where we set up our models and try to connect different layouts (sometimes even together with other clubs). Many members also work at home on special models that they bring to the meetings to test and teach the know-how. 2 times a year there is a general club meeting. This is always on a Saturday and includes a lot of time for chats and showing a local model layout. We also have members who pay a special interest in photographing the Swiss railways. They form our Media team. This group also meets several times a year to view films and pictures and to discuss the best places to shoot them. The media team is also present at the various exhibitions to extend the VSZ presentation. Apart from the exhibitions in the Netherlands we sometimes show ourselves abroad.

The VSZ is a club which combines various interests in the Swiss railways.

Promotion film for our association

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Chairman of Vereniging Spoorgroep Zwitserland