Welcome to the Gotthard by the region of Middle Netherlands. Here you will find more information about our Gotthard railway in model and in real.
In 2013 we were faced with a new situation in the region that enabled us to make plans for a layout in scale H0.

Below here you can find an "areal view" of our layout. In there are several areas you can click on to get details about this part of our layout and the original.
Also via the left hand column you can find various aspects of our model layout.

We have chosen for the Gotthard railway with the station of Wassen as the centerpiece. The beautiful turns and tunnels around Wassen give the possibility to create a layout that will provide both height and rail length on a short distance and where you can see the trains on many places and from various angles. Just as with our model of the Bernina railway we will model a typical piece of Switzerland. It was our wish realize a layout which is modular and still have a large difference in altitude.

The middle and the upper Meienreus bridges at Wassen.

On this page and most others you can click on the pictures to get an enlargement in a new window.

For suggestions or support please contact me at: regional coördinator region Middle Netherlands

This project is partially made possible by Arja Rioolontstoppingservice in Wijk bij Duurstede.

The Pfaffensprung spiral tunnel between Gurtnellen and Wassen.

Below a drawing of our shadow station until the "areal view" is available.

entrance street exit street spiral 1