Please find a few modeling tips here (most in Dutch) with lots of photos

Working with Mock-ups

Making stake cars RhB type Rp-w and a wagon with camera (eng)

Making a symmetrical point in H0m

Overhead catenary as we do this in region Middle Netherlands.

Modeling grasses

Working with the gras-master

Making your own cable car

Pine trees home made

Pine trees home made with sisal

A girder bridge out of balsawood (English)

A stonearchbridge from plaster

Making your own vacuum cleaner car in H0m

Model houses from cardboard

Water on the layout


Water: a Mountain lake (English)

Guide for 2-3 rail print as presented on the annual club meeting 2012.

Guide Digital Driving after a workshop, given on 18-dec-2011.

SBB driving stock color scheme (German)